Monday, January 12, 2009

Hope for the heartless.

If any of you haven't guessed by now from my twitters, I am in BIG trouble. Not only am I a felon, but I am now officially a murderer.

I didn't plan things out. I wasted too much time focusing on something so selfish that I was too anxious to pull a gun on someone who was just doing their job. Whether any of you think that I was right to defend myself is not the point. When you kill someone, you set aside every moment in your life you've had to breathe and think of the power you now have to take away someone else's life.

That's how I felt when I shot and kill a watcher who grabbed me from behind and dragged me to his vehicle.

I had hoped that maybe he'd just been wounded. The bullet only pierced his side, but inevitably, he didn't move. The last thing I remember from this was running. Running as fast and as far as I could trying not to trip over myself.

The hope that the heartless will soon win this battle is starting to become true as my future unfolds in front of me. Somethings ARE better left unsaid, and unsaid things are yet as simple as someone never coming back from a journey they began five years ago.

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Alyssa "Fluty" said...

(HUG!) Hun. It was you or him, and if they got you, you would of been tortured! I know these people, they don't care that a watcher is dead, but they will try to go after you now. You made it a little easier for them. You need to have your IP changing constantly. Their websites and persons are always bugged. Stay low Stay calm and Stay in Touch. Im always here on twitter and AIM for you

XXOO ~Squally