Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm not ready to let this go.

I know it seems childish, maybe even as certain people would say it, "immature," but I know his apology is all an act and I'm not ready to forgive him just yet.

We supported his show fully, for most of us this was definitely a pilot to be considered, but as fate would have it, the thousand year old trait-positive male from LG15: Origins turned out to be anything but nice.

It all began when Alex, the creator of Origins, first asked that the LG15 community help him by being apart of his series. Most of us had assumed that he was going forward with his show and consider doing TSIY, season 2. We all welcomed his ideas with open arms. We waited weeks on end for a reply and finally received one after he seemed particularly disappointed that only 5 people responded to his video asking for actors of the LG15 nature.

I did not know but only 1 of the 4 other auditioners, which so happened to be Mitch from lonefox101. He suggested that we make an IRC chat room and all be in there to discuss each other's auditions and basically just to chat so I agreed to create the room and made that night made two new friends, Becka (bex_08/escapefromhere07) and Brad (theinnerwarrior) whom seemed to be really cool considering we had just met. That same night we were joined by Mitch, but never Alex. As we waited several days in anticipation for our "leader" to announce the winners of his "contest," we became familar with each other and practically chatted everyday.

After the fact, Alex finally came into the room to announce the winners but not everyone was present. He explained what he liked and what he didn't about each of our videos and announced that Brad was the first winner and would be playing the male role in the series. To make matter's worse, he said that he would post a video on Thursday or Friday saying who the other winner of the show was, despite the fact that we all wanted him to tell us on the spot but he left the chat and didn't return. Late Friday evening after seeing no video or any word from Alex, he popped up in the chat and we discussed and debated the winner of the show. It inevitably came down to Becka and I, and the winner was..

After announcing his pick, he also claimed that Becka and BiggieKK (the other audition I did not mention) would be in the first episode or two and that he might want Mitch to be cast as a villain character. To put everything from that point up until a few days ago in short terms, it was a big plot mess. Alex seemed to be more concerned with other things in his life than to be rationally focused on being serious about doing the show. I was rather disappointed after seeing him come into the chat several times a week, seeing him say "hi." and then sign off. There was only one instance when we had an actual show discussion within the 3 weeks between the audition and now for about an hour and some of us were still confused.

After I had gotten over the fact that I only knew a few things about the character I would be portraying, I realized that my lack of knowledge about anything that had been going on with Origins went completely out the window.

I decided to take action and from there, cast my own show outside of the home of abandonskies23. I wanted to cast Becka, Brad, & myself as the main roles with a possible 4th character who would've been portrayed as evil, not following the story line of Alex. I formulated the idea to the "group" and they seemed to agree, so I designed a layout for our characters to work with in development and what the show would be about.

Sunday night, after a long weekend away from my computer, I came into the chat where Becka was waiting and we discussed a few things, and a few hours later Brad followed but left shortly after. Alex then kindly made his way into the chat and out of no where said:

(@AlexIsAncient) So I'm thinking about cancelling the show

Now if I were supposed to be in a show and someone was even remotely thinking of cancelling it out the blue, wouldn't you be just a little upset too?

Here's a portion of the continued conversation and how this all began.

(@AlexIsAncient) I might just make my own show...and cut out all the lg15 crap
(@bex_08) good luck to ya
(@AlexIsAncient) Ok well then I won't cast you in it
(@bex_08) k
(@abandonskies23) damn what a slap
(@bex_08) i know
(@bex_08) im hurt
(@AlexIsAncient) I dont appreciate sarcasm
(@bex_08) well we dont appreciatte being strung along for nothing

Now here are some other quotes from the chat from Alex because it would take all night to read the several dozen chat logs we've had with him.

(@AlexIsAncient) She's being sarcastic...
(@bex_08) she has a name
(@AlexIsAncient) U dont have to say the name when you're referring to someone who just spoke

What he said about Amanda:

(@AlexIsAncient) Im giving her 24 hours. If my video hasnt reached them by then, I will be shutting down operation on the show, and most likely making my own show, with a similar storylien but cuting out all the lg15 crap
(@bex_08) have u contacted them with your address and stuff like that
(@abandonskies23) let's try amanda@eqal.com
(@AlexIsAncient) I am a consumer, they are the producers, consumers shouldnt need to beg producers for something that producers promised
(@AlexIsAncient) thats not my responsibility
(@bex_08) yeah but if they dont have essential info where the heck are they gonna send it
(@AlexIsAncient) Maybe you werent ther
(@AlexIsAncient) but amanda SPECIFICALLY SAID
(@AlexIsAncient) she would be contacted the creators of the pilots for their info
(@bex_08) i was there actually
(@bex_08) do u not think she has been a tad busy
(@AlexIsAncient) thats not my problem either
(@bex_08) oh stop bitching about it
(@AlexIsAncient) This is her company

The pathetic thing about this small bit of conversation was that he de-opped her and kicked her out of the room. A pretty small thing you can do next to talking down about the creators of the shows we love so dearly, especially Amanda whom has been rumored to be sick with the flu. Here are some more quotes of how belittling Alex was to Becka.

(@AlexIsAncient) Bex you're fired, you're completely out of the show
(@bex_08) like i care
(@bex_08) i was never hired in the first place
(@AlexIsAncient) actually i had written you into the script

Does anyone know that "hire" clearly has the definition of engaging someone with the intention of payment? This clearly was not the case.

Alex decided he wanted everyone to take things seriously and we weren't aloud to keep our YouTube channels or have any "immature" conversations in the chat room.

(AlexIsAncient) Wow
(AlexIsAncient) i made a horrible mistake in casting you both
(AlexIsAncient) I take this VERY seriously

This has got to be my favorite quote:

(AlexIsAncient) Immature is laughing about cum or "jizz"
(AlexIsAncient) Immature is NOT standing up for whats right

Now what do you know about "jizz" Alex?

Here's some of Alex's controlling/stupid quotes.

(AlexIsAncient) Actually, I am superior to you
(AlexIsAncient) cause I like to cause drama
(AlexIsAncient) I am a noob
(AlexIsAncient) Yes, actually I am more mature than you
(AlexIsAncient) You don't roll your eyes at the director
(AlexIsAncient) when we're doing YOU a favor

Here's some other quotes of him talking about other people; even how desperate I am.

(AlexIsAncient) maddy was a douche first
(AlexIsAncient) and her audition tape wasnt up to our quality
(AlexIsAncient) Lets talk about the fact that skylar is so desparite to be cannon that she'll join any show just to do that
(AlexIsAncient) Bex was let go because she was rude and out of line. Also, since the day she was told she wasn't casted into the show she has been outrageously upset
(AlexIsAncient) We didn't feel her audition was good enough and since then she has been flipping out
(AlexIsAncient) her character isn't necessary at ALL
(AlexIsAncient) but we were nice enough to write her into the story
(AlexIsAncient) because she obviously cares more about the LG15 universe (AlexIsAncient) than the show
(AlexIsAncient) Yeah well she's already out of the plot, and after how she acted last night she has no chance of redeeming herself
(AlexIsAncient) your maturity levels
(AlexIsAncient) are that of a dog
(AlexIsAncient) and not even a smart dog

And then he stepped across the line by calling us.. well nothing as a community, basically.

(AlexIsAncient) Honestly bex stfu. These aren't your "Friends" they're people you met online. I dont care how much hate this gets me. Grow up and make some real friends

So do you see why I wanted to take so much of your time for you to completely and fully understand what's going on? I want everyone to know the whole truth, not just an exaggeration of it. He can type out the words "I'm sorry." a thousand times but they truly mean nothing to me. The things he said in the chat room over the past few days effected a lot of us and we can't support that type of behavior.

All I'm asking is for Alex to make a public apology to those he hurt. I also wanted to thank Becka for gathering the quotes and helping me with this article. You can leave your feedback positive or negative below and/or anything else you'd like to add to this blog.

With love,