Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Out Of Character: Skylar's Future

Season 1 of "as"23 is coming to an end. The 12 in 12 will be January 29th starting at 10 am EST, 9 am Central, 8 am Mountain, & 7 am Pacific.

I really wanted to thank all of you for your comments and support and I do believe Skylar may exist in the future.

Be sure to subscribe to LG15TheProloguesOf, and FYI, I decided not to submit a pilot for the reasons of boycotting. The Misfits, you will win, it's with out a doubt, good-luck and congrats.

If they don't pick you, I guess everyone on the forums would be right.. they'd be complete idiots. [And yes I am agreeing that all previous pilots have sucked]

The poll is not looking too good either. A lot of you are voting for neither. It's Jonas vs Daniel for which character you'd rather have.. for those guys out there who aren't gay. :)

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