Friday, January 9, 2009

The Poll Results

So.. the poll has ending with a marvelous 31 votes, meaning that every day someone voted, rationally speaking.

It was defiantly obvious that the majority of the community wanted Bree back with a whopping 45% of the six characters. Also, no one was allowed to vote more than once, so just an F.Y.I. for those of you who may say that the poll was invalid because some people were allowed to vote several times.

I, personally, voted for Bree. She was an original character and one of the only three I actually liked, of course being one of only two that didn't exist before they populated Daniel into LG15: The Resistance.

Moving on to second place, however, Daniel did take the next highest percentage with 7 votes and 22%. Bree and Daniel complimented each other nicely as characters in the series, and honestly, a relationship between them would have been more intelligent than between Bree and Jonas.

A close 3rd place was Gina with 19% and 6 votes. Gina was inevitably a likable character, but I wouldn't choose to bring her back. Honestly, I wouldn't bring back Maggie either, I just hate her character and she always has a look on her face like she's just taken a whiff of shit.

Moving on, it seems like the fan-rage over Spencer being off the show didn't show itself well with the voters, as he only received a sad 3 votes and 9% of the overall poll.

Taylor, of which is still confusing to me as to whether or not she has initiated contact with her sister, Sarah and played into this whole "I'm on YOUR side" scheme with Jonas, but irrelevantly, only one of the voters voted for her with 3%.

Lastly, there was Jennie, but sadly, no one at all cared to have her back. I think she mostly just stood there and held the camera, cried some, then held the camera some more. So basically she was more like a prop (table, tripod, maybe?) more than an actually character with a purpose besides being all over Jonas, which I'm sure most of us will have to agree, cannot happen.

Hope you enjoyed today's session of abandonskies23. Don't do anything I wouldn't do and have a safe and unhappy weekend. :)

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