Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Peace of mine.

It's raining outside these windows. Unbelievably, I'm parked on a busy highway to post this. I figured that I would go ahead and say something before I got to into driving later.

Seriously. I have a driving issue.

It's been chilly lately for some reason. These are the days when you wish you had someone. Someone of no distraction to notice the little things that make you unique. Like how I remember him, like yesterday, like nothing ever existed except us.

Logically, and more so, it would be irrelevant to know that I'm being followed. Nothing unusual, huh? Well not exactly. I have reason to believe it may be someone else. Someone not associated with The Order, but not quiet the Resistance.

Maybe it's just me talking dumb. I always get these senses. Now that I'm leaving behind my home, it's natural for me to feel unsafe. It's what I've known.

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